Meeting up with one another to care for one another.

Badegna's mission is to encourage the integration of migrants in Belgium. By supporting them in their asylum-seeker journey and providing them with opportunities to mix with local people, the aim is to change perceptions of immigration, highlighting how society can gain from increased interactions with migrants from the four corners of the globe.

Our story

The migrants' journey... backwards.

It all started with Abou. Arriving in Belgium from Guinea at the age of 15 to join his family, Abou has always been sensitive to the cause of migrants. How could he better understand the chaotic path these women and men, who have left everything behind, have taken, if not by undertaking it himself?

Abou and his friend Max set out to do just that, but in the reverse direction, from the asylum centre in Brussels to the Ivory Coast. Aware that their own journey would never be as difficult and painful as the one lived by migrants who experience fear and violence, they nevertheless hoped, in great humility, to make contact with a reality too often ignored.

They baptised their project "The migrant's journey in reverse" and started walking. 6 months and 6000 km later, they reached their destination.

The challenges they faced, the fatigue, the emotions, but also the beautiful encounters they made, invigorated Abou and gave him the idea of creating a not-for-profit association to help migrants integrate.

A new encounter, a new opportunity:
the birth of Badegna.

When Abou met Jessica, another volunteer working with him at the soup kitchen of the Red Cross in La Louvière, he found a natural partner to set up the not-for-profit he had imagined. Shortly after, Badegna was born!

Convinced that we only "fear what we don't know", the aim of Badegna, meaning "family" in Guinean, is to connect local people with foreigners, and create connections that go beyond bias and prejudice.

Our scope

Everyone has the right to leave a country, including their own.

Article 13.2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

In the context of the current migration crisis, millions of people are forced to abandon everything and flee their country, only to arrive in an unwelcoming environment. Isolated and without a social network, they face a new struggle they may not have envisaged at the beginning of their journey: integration in their host country.

At Badegna, we believe that every human being has the right to live where they wish. Our mission is to help migrants integrate in Belgium, to support them in their asylum efforts and provide the platform for them to build relationships and connections with others.

Our work

A friendly space to welcome each and every one of you.

We have a daytime reception centre, a safe place to meet and chat in a relaxed atmosphere, supervised by volunteers ready to listen and help. Whatever your story, wherever you come from, whether you wish to share experiences, meet people, or simply have a cup of tea, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Our five areas of support:

Intercultural activities

As humans, belonging to a social group is fundamental for our well-being. We therefore regularly organise activities that mix local people with migrants, thus creating and maintaining links between people of different backgrounds.

Support and re-orientation

If some administrative procedures are straightforward for us, they can can be complicated for a newcomer. We accompany migrants in their everyday formalities, or redirect them to the relevant services.

Legal aid

The asylum seeker's journey is very complex, requiring structure and patience. On a regular basis, an immigration specialist comes to Badegna, guiding migrants in their efforts to obtain international protection.

French and citizenship courses

Learning or improving one's French is necessary for any person wishing to integrate in Belgium. We provide French courses for beginners as well as one-to-one conversations for those with intermediate levels.

Workshops led by migrants

Would you like to learn how to play the djembé or experience culinary specialties during a table d'hôtes? You can support migrants' initiatives, improve their self-esteem, and help them integrate—just by being there.

How to help us

Would you like to help us build the world of tomorrow?

We are looking for volunteers, as well as financial or material donations that will allow us to carry out this project that is so dear to our hearts.
Thank you very much for all your support!


Badegna Asbl
32 rue des Bleuets
7160 Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont

IBAN BE72 3631 9334 7716

Looking for volunteers

We are looking for motivated volunteers (and good listeners!) with the following profile:

  • Francophone foreign language teachers
  • French conversation table moderators

Contact us

7100 La Louvière

Monday - Wednesday - Friday
10:00 - 16:00

Abou Donzo: 0489 59 18 75
Jessica Maus: 0455 11 81 43

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